Selamat Datang – Nasi and Mee welcomes you traditionally!

“Nasi and Mee” translates to “Rice and noodles” in Bhasha, What another name can be used to address a restaurant that serves Asian food with the fusion of Chinese, Indian, Malay, Persian and southeast Asian cuisines.
After hearing so much about this place, myself and a bunch of friends decided to visit this place.After waiting for fifteen long minutes(Thanks to the ever slow valet who took forever to park our car) we finally managed to get a place and the ever delightful staff guided us to our seats.The place was pretty noisy and crowded when compared to the atmosphere outside the restaurant, the interiors were simple and elegant and clear that much thought has not been given to them.

Moving on to the most important part – THE FOOD

Our Order:

  • Ice Blended Milo – Being a 90s kid milo has always been my favorite drink and drinking ice blended  Milo after ages felt really good.The taste of the Milo powder hasn’t changed at all. This is one perfect must try drink here easily.
  • Fish Finger – Fish was cooked to perfection and wasn’t oily at all though it appeared to be.
  • Malaysian Chicken Satay – This was recommended by my friend and it turned out to be really good and very juicy the chicken was.
  • Sambal Prawns – Though I am not a fan of prawn this particular dish kinda stole my heart.Cooked well and tasted Yummy.
  • Chicken and Prawn momos – Probably the worst dish of the day, none of us liked it. It also had a foul smell. We had a bite and kept it aside.
  • Nasi Goreng Chicken – The all-star dish of the day easily turned out to be this. The aroma was drooling over us.It tastes better when eaten with chicken satay, it was very filling.
  • Mamak mee Goreng Chicken – The mere doppelganger of Nasi Goreng turned out to be disappointing.
  • Black bean Beef – Yet another best dishes from the night. The beef was very soft and the curry was really good.
  • Glass Noodle Salad Prawns – Though the prawns tasted good, the noodles had too much lemon dressing thus suppressing other tastes.
  • Garlic Butter Fried rice – Simply the best fried rice I have had in the recent past and it tasted really good along with black bean beef curry.Overall the meal cost Rs. 3483/- (inclusive of tax).



The Pre and Post-meal parking experience was very disappointing.It seemed more like the valet wasn’t happy to help us out because we were just a bunch of boys on our night out. I believe all customers regardless of their age and gender has to be treated equally.
On the whole, with ever friendly table staffs and incredible food nasi and mee was truly Selamat Datang!

P.S. After my review on zomato, the hotel management has promised to look into the parking issue.Hope it gets rectified.
Link to my zomato page:



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