Burgerman 2.0

How will it feel when your favorite childhood superhero comic comes on big screen?  Well, I’m pretty sure you will be super excited. It applies for me too. What happens when that brand which brought us the double patty burger and sausage on the stick comes back alive from the grave? Excited? If you haven’t found it, I’m talking about Burgerman the legend of all Kiosks. Burgerman was a star even before McDonald’s arrived in Chennai. Burgerman was a result of college project which was established in the year 2006 and in no time they became very famous and had 50+ Kiosks all because of the Unique taste their burgers had.


Burgerman Timeline:


2006 – Started as A College Project Idea, 25 sqft kiosks which serve burgers on the go.

2011 – 130+ Kiosks in less than five years. That’s quite a big achievement when you don’t franchise.

2014 – They shut down all the kiosks and had paused their operations, reasons? They wanted to do more for the society. Another reason *Rumor* many started to copy their style and faked their name.

2017 – Burgerman 2.0; launched on May 20th, 2017.

Dining Experience:

Burgerman 2.0 is bigger than ever. First ever place to serve an equal amount of veg options too. They are junk free. The buns are baked in-house and patties are grilled and not fried. The mother of junks; French fries isn’t served along with the burgers. Their menu stands separate from the regular burger shops.

What should you try here? I would say try all eight burgers. They all are really good. The must try are Chicken Boom, Teriyaki Lamb, Mexican Chicken, BBQ Chicken and All Day Breakfast. These burgers were too good when compared to the classic chicken, bourbon lamb, and butter chicken. The burgers come handy and have the right amount of sauces so they don’t drip around when you start eating. On the Veg side, I had Cheese Boom, All day Breakfast, and Teriyaki Cottage Cheese which were also equally good but burgers are predominantly for Non-Veggies.

They have more than burgers; Flat Top Hotdogs, Salads and some starters. They come in both veg and non-veg options. Grilled sausage steeker is the one if you looking for some old menu in this version 2.0. The Chicken Nachos and Grilled Sausage steeker were good. They had a lot of sauces over it and rectified that on the very next visit of mine.

They even have soft serves and shakes; caramel popcorn was the best among the four. Not a fan of caramel popcorn but this was so yum. The other soft serves, Ice filter coffee, red Blondie and choco crunch were also good, but I loved caramel popcorn the most. In the shakes, I liked Choco Brownie and Irish coffee compared to Pink Berry and Cookie Butter. They do serve fizzy drinks from the tap, pink lemonade, and bourbon ale iced tea. The ice tea smells like whiskey and it’s not alcoholic. I would go with pink lemonade itself.

It is self-service with a buzzer system. A unique way to serve people but it has its own demerits. Their food service is also pretty slow, hope they improve on that as the clock is ticking.


In a line, Burgerman 2.0 is bigger and better than old kiosks of them, Happy to have them back in the city. My love for burgers is because of them.


BurgerMan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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