Skyloft – Feathers

FullSizeRender_23Chennai being a metropolitan city has only a few good roof top restaurants. Skyloft at Feathers Hotel is one among them. The hotel stands like a giant on SH-55. What’s special about Skyloft from other rooftop places? The panoramic view which you get from this beautiful restaurant. The main focus of the restaurant is done rightly on the ambiance. The restaurant is pretty huge for a rooftop and can accommodate easily above 70 people on the go. They have a live band performing and as well as a live bar counter, sadly liquor isn’t served here because of the highway rule. I personally felt this rooftop bar/restaurant is affected because of that rule. Such a beauty is rotting because of the highway rule.

Now coming to the most important thing – food;

We started off with a welcome drink, guava mix mocktail which was sweet and quite refreshing.  Tom yum kai soup was served which is a coconut milk based soup with chicken. It was thick and served hot. Ceasar chicken salad was served next, the salad was little salty while the peri chicken in it was good. Mumbai Chilli paneer, tossed with chili and tomato ketchup was a bit tangier in taste, the paneer was soft though. Chicken Satay, this was served in a decorative satay as the smoke was dissipating, it was smoking good and very juicy. Paneer Ashrafyan is one of their signature dishes which had grated cottage cheese mixed with Indian spices, stuffed with cheese. This was very soft and cheesy. The Chermoula Prawns tossed with chermoula was okayish, not a prawn fan though. Mexican Chimichanga is a tortilla which was big in size and had zucchini, carrots and bell peppers. The Murgh Tikka salad on Kasta roti was very simple; the tandoori tikka was stuffed in Indian roti and was served to us! Lamb galouti Bhakarkhani slider, the Galouti served in Bhakarkani bread. The Galouti was really soft and juicy while the bread was little hard and couldn’t have a proper munch of it. Vada Pav, it has become a fashion nowadays to serve vada pavs at restaurants. In a similar way, this vada pav was very usual and I didn’t feel anything great about. The final most awaited dish, Red velvet cake was served for desserts. This is their signature. The best red velvet cake I ever had. It was soft and creamy. The extra sugar icing on the top makes very sweet. Caution high calories intake.


Service and Cost, service is top-notch and the servers were well informed about all dishes which were served to us! They were polite and were on their toes to serve us. The food was served in a slow manner but that’s how it’s to be served at a beautiful rooftop bar place like this. Cost, not sure, it was on the house.

They will do really better if SC lifts the Highway Ban.


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