The Scoop Bar, Kilpauk.

Everyone likes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and The Aquaman. They are famous Superheroes with their own specialty. How will it be when they all get featured in the same film? Cool? Yeah.

Yes, a place having everything is considered to be cool. The Scoop Bar at Kilpauk has finest desserts you can imagine; Ice Stone Creations, Sundaes, Rolls, Milkshakes, Waffles and even Nitrogen Pops. The place is small yet filled with love. They have a unique hand stamp that will be put in customer’s hands, it’s an ice cream ‘BAR’ so yea you get stamped.

Thanks to google maps for navigating me to this dessert parlor. It’s marked right on spot in google maps. The ambiance of this small shop is kept very simple and they have focused on the most important thing desserts. They have a huge TV on the end of the restaurant; they play video songs in it. They should play something more than Vidya Vox collection too. It became boring after a point.

We ordered from all their categories, we had;


Oreo Rocher Love – Chocolate ice cream with oreo and Ferrero Rocher topped with choco chips. This was creamy and was just perfect.

Paan– vanilla ice cream is the base mixed with beeda leaves, gulkhand and tutty fruity. What a flavor! had the taste of this ice cream until the end.

Ice Stone Creations:

Caramel Frost – Salted caramel ice cream topped with roasted cashews and caramel sauce. All salted caramel ice cream lover will be pleased to have this.

Let’s Mango – Mango and vanilla ice cream topped with mango sauce and pieces. This was fresh and tasted great. As a Mango lover, I loved this creation.

Country Coffee – Coffee ice cream with roasted almond and choco fudge. Oh yes, I love Coffee too. The flavor was so strong I couldn’t get a taste of other ice creams.

Chikki chikki – Chikki ice cream with peanuts and caramel sauce. This was simple yet we all liked it.


Banoffee – Waffle with Nutella spread topped with banana slices. Eggless waffle topped with banana slices and ice cream. This was simple and good.

The Royal – Waffle with Nutella spread with crushed Ferrero Rocher pieces and dark chocolate sauce. Maple syrup is served along with it. The name tells you how it would have been. This was grand and just awesome.

Mug Shakes:

Cookies Milkshake – Cookies with ice cream blended with a lot of whipped cream. Yes, it had more whipped cream than cookie cream.

Coffee choco milkshake – Coffee ice cream with chocolate sauce blended with a lot of whipped cream. The same problem in this, it had more of whipped cream.

Scoop Bar Sundaes:

Red Velvet – Red velvet ice cream served along with strawberry cheesecake. The Red Velvet ice cream was yum and tasty while the strawberry cheesecake wasn’t up to the level.

Lemon Grass – Lemongrass ice cream, we didn’t like this flavor it was a letdown.

Chilly Basil – Chilly basil ice cream, in comparison with lemon grass this a bit better.


Nitrogen Dessert:

Nitro Puff – Corn puff, wafer, and stick immersed in liquid nitrogen. The special dish you get in each restaurant these days. Can’t actually review this, you have to simply enjoy it. 🙂


About service, they were friendly and served us the items in no time. The place is a nice hangout spot and will soon reach its height in no time. Will come back here in the nearest future.


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